Marche (Italian pronunciation: [ˈmarke]) is one of the 20 regions of Italy. In English, this region is also known as the Marches.
The name of the region derives from the plural name of marca, originally referring to the medieval March of Ancona and nearby marches of Camerino and Fermo.


Abbazia di San Vittore alle Chiuse, Genga, Ancona, Marche, ItalyMarche has been an active region since Iron Age and offers to its visitors art pieces from the Romanesque Art to Gothic Art, from the art of 2nd Century to the art of the Renaissance made famous all over the World by Raffaello, Carlo Crivelli e Lorenzo Lotto.
The villages of Marche are plenty of places where you can still feel the Medieval atmosphere, and some of them still have the look of the “ideal” cities of Renaissance, little capitals of little republics.
In the centre of the villages, that are often still surrounded by walls, you can still see ancient places dedicated to trade and administration, squares where ancient Roman streets start, ancient aristocrat family places, or ancient ecclesiastical buildings.
Marche is a widesread museum, a network of cities and historic villages embedded in a sea of ​​cultivated hills, that overlook valleys from the sea to the Apennines, where you can admire works by Piero della Francesca and Lorenzo Lotto, Rubens and Tiziano, ancient Roman theaters and roads, and ceramic hand made craft. This is a region where culture is the main value because, since it’s thousands of years old, has been internalized in the modus operandi, in the lifestyle, and you can see it in any final typical product.
In this land Giacomo Leopardi wrote his magnificent poems, The Infinite included; Raffaello and Bramante attended their studies that made them ones of the most important painters of their ages; Gioachino Rossini and Giovanni Battista Pergolesi took inspiration for their music.
Thousands of churches (around 200 Romanesque), 96 abbeys, 183 sanctuaries, hermitages and cathedrals.
Marche can show you the spiritual siade of more than 2.000 years of history, surrounded by green hills, yellow sunflowers and blue sea.
Any examples? the Shrine of the Holy House (Santuario della Santa Casa), the cathedral of Loreto.


spiaggia di Sirolo - riviera del ConeroGreen land made by soft hills that sometimes give the gift of little spot of lavender, sunflowers or vineyards; roads that make slaloms through beautiful and relaxing hills, that doesn’t let you know where they are leading you, that make you discover a different landscape at each bens, and at the end surprise you with crystal blue sea views.
That’s just a little bit of what you have to expect from this land.
Marche is composed at 69% by hills and at 31% by mountains.
No flat land. It has 173 km of beaches, both sandy and rocky.
That means an incredible variety of landscapes and scenarios.


OLIVE ASCOLANE INGREDIENTIVerdicchio, Rosso Conero, Rosso Piceno, Lacrima di Morro d’Alba are just some of the delicious products of the earth of Marche. Here the culture of wine has very ancient origins. Pliny the Elder said the the wines of Picenum (the region of Italy now called Marche) were delicate in the aroma and a tasty in the mouth. This was, and it is still now because of the sweetness of the hills, downgrading from Apennine Mountain to the Adriatic sea.
19.500 hectares of Marche are dedicated to vineyards, and every area has its peculiarities.
If there is a thing that people in Marche are even more proud of, this is food. Travelling through Marche you will not find many Chinese or Brazilian or Thailand restaurants, this is because people here feel the traditional food as part of their own culture.
Everywhere you go you will always find a typical Trattoria nearby, tasty meat menu on the hills and fresh and delicate fish menu on the the sea.
Every single ingredient is genuine and tasty and comes from the earth of this region, and you will see how people of Marche are very proud of that.
Forget the diet and come to taste what we have to offer! We will make discover senses and tastes that you have never felt before, travelling through the beautiful landscapes of Marche and getting in touch with the typical products of the region and the way they are made. Vincisgrassi, Pizza al Formaggio, Rosso Conero, Verdicchio, Rosso Piceno, Ciauscolo, Stoccafisso all’Anconetana… these names mean nothing for you now, but not for long.


GrottammareMarche is the region of villages.
You will not find big cities here, the biggest one is Ancona, the capital of the region, with 100.000 people!
Anywhere you go, you will find little villages with the same traditions of 100 years ago.
Walking to the town centre you will feel history and peace all around you,
and the small shops you meet on the way will show you how crafts tradition has not changed at all in the years.

“Always dear to me was this solitary hill and this hedge, which, from so many parts of the far horizon, the sight excludes.”
(Sempre caro mi fu quest’ermo colle, e questa siepe, che da tanta parte dell’ultimo orizzonte il guardo esclude.)

Leopardi in his The Infinite gives an idea of where people live in Marche. There are not big cities, the biggest one is Ancona (105 thousand people) and excluding Pesaro, Urbino, Macerata and Ascoli Piceno there are tens of little villages where time seems to have gone by slower than in the rest of the World. Any village has still the historical walls downtown and the craft shops are there since ever, handing down the typical arts over generations.
In the biggest cities you will see how modernity cohabits peacefully with history and tradition, maybe it’s for this reason that in Marche there are the most long-lived people in Italy?
Besides.. Secrets, myths and legends handed down over centuries. Folktales that guard ancient, sacred and profane mysteries. Fantastic stories, legends and unexplained anecdotes that tell of ancestral rites, magic practices and strange creatures: these is the mysterious side of Marche, one exciting aspect of this region to discover!


runningConero mountain and its Riviera, Sibillini mountains and the beautiful beaches all along the shore will give you tens of opportunity to practice any sport in open air in the nature!
You can ride horses in Conero mountain and in the beach, biking, beach volley, trekking, running, kayaking, fishing, diving, wind surfing, kite surfing, playing soccer (this is Italy, of course you have to do it!), playing golf, tennis, for the extremest ones you can try hang gliding or for the quitest ones, even practice truffle hunting.
Make your travel richer trying all that our region can offer you!

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