I have always liked travelling, and I have always travelled.
When I was a child I visited with my family lots of beautiful places in Italy and Europe, then when I grew up I started visiting amazing places in the rest of the World.
At the university I have attended Managerial Tourism and after that I started working in a Travel Agency to make people discover and love the World.

In 2013 I moved to Marche and I fell in love with this land.
I realized how beautiful this region is and I was surprised to realize that it is not well known in the World at all,
so I decided to make the World discover and love Marche.

That’s how INFINITELY TRAVEL MARCHE was founded.

The Infinte

So my mind sinks in this immensity: and foundering is sweet in such a sea.


Così tra questa immensità s’annega il pensier mio: e il naufragar m’è dolce in questo mare.

Giacomo Leopardi.  (Recanati,  1798-1837)

Still some doubts?? So read About Marche

We love to think about Tourism in a Responsible way.
Responsible tourism is the concept of visiting a place as a tourist and trying to make only a positive impact on the environment, society and economy.
Responsible tourism recognizes the centrality of the local host community and its right to be protagonist in devoting sustainable and responsible tourism in its native land. Responsible tourism encourages the positive interaction between the tourist industry, local communities and travellers.

Everyone of us might be a “good traveller” caring for the world and people around, just following some easy behavioral rules before, during and after the journey.


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